creative director and lead designer


Jenifer is curious, conscientious and a good mediator. Since her childhood, she has loved to play with different colours, textures and materials, which later translated well into her famous intuition for décor. She is passionate about how people relate to their surroundings and culture, and for the past eight years she has been designing spaces that support and represent the individuals who use them. Have watched the industry deliver projects that repeatedly lack originality or understanding for how space should work for today's and future users, Jenifer decided it was time to do things differently. She understands the importance of collaborative work between designer, client, trades and suppliers. An equally significant part of Jenifer's design process is the consideration, recognition and application of the client's personal values combined.



creative director and lead designer

Lorena's background is in Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism led to her falling in love with Interiors and she made her move to the industry in 2006. She opened the doors of her first studio in Rio in 2011, where she gained considerable experience in exhibitions, residential, commercial and retail projects. Lorena's award-winning style, combining the sophistication of her time living in Europe with the warmth of the Brazilian "bossa“ expressed in her use of natural materials, creates it's own unique balance with Australian culture. Passionate about sports and outdoor life, her projects are grounded on what she likes to call “barefoot design”. Lorena came to Sydney for her Masters in Design Thinking Advanced and realised her calling goes further than to simply the creation of beautiful and functional spaces - she believes every job is the chance to design for good. She strongly advocates that we should hold ourselves accountable for the impact of our choices if we want to design a better world. 





We are super proud of our team of collaborators as they share the same values and embrace the same mission we have.  



Her fairy hands make every space magically tidy, functional and pleasing to the eye. We love having her on board as she shares our values and her up lifting smile makes any grey sky, blue. You can find more of her own work 



Dean is the face of Building Zone Constructions. After 18 years building and renovating homes in Sydney and surroundings, they accepted our challenge to take a sustainable approach on the projects we work together. See more of their work 


Wellness Consultant

Su can help you switch from toxic products in your home to natural solutions, that will improve the quality of your home environment while saving the planet. 

Artistic Painter
Adam is our go to guy when it comes to special effects to be done to any surface. Whatever we imagine, he makes it happen. Check out the works of art he has done before.