We are passionate about the relationship between people and their surroundings, which benefits human kind on a broad scale. After more than a decade working in the industry, we decided that it was time to do things differently. We combined Interior Design, Architecture, Urbanism and Design Thinking to pursue a new way of designing with purpose and ethics.


Casa Alchemy was born to be the home of our ideas and it is about finding out what is essential, working with the natural elements and being able to change the matter in order to achieve the perfect balance between  science, magic and art. Gathering like-minded collaborators and clients that support this vision is one of our key elements. We know we can achieve great things together. We welcome you to our Casa!


Printed press and virtual magazines that have mentioned us and our projects.


Read what clients and collaborators have to say about us.

"It's always a pleasure worthing with Lorena and Jenifer. Taking photos of their projects inspires me. I love their style and concept creation and that's why I chose them when I renovated my own home and will keep working with them on my future projects."- Maira Murray, photographer and client

"They saw and felt everything that needed attention and helped me improve them. I loved applying their knowledge in my space and could instantly feel the shift in the energy of my home. BIIIIG recommendation!" - Roberta Fairbanks, client
"I recommend Lorena and Jenifer, the girls from Casa Alchemy to whatever you need done in your home. Thank you so much for believing in my dreams and investing your time and energy to bring it to life."- Fernanda Gazal, client

"Felt lighter, more at ease and more connected to my home after Lorena came to re-do the layout and style it. What she did was to use what I already had, I didn't have to purchase anything. It was magical." - Sarah Brikke, client

"Jenifer and Lorena are true professionals. They are super organised and their product knowledge is second to none. I look forward to collaborating with them again in the future" - Dean Murray, builder and client 

If you would like to give us your feedback about a job we have done for you, we would highly appreciate it. Send us an e-mail to weare@casaalchemy.com.au