We are designers here to help materialise your dream space. We provide different packages according to your personal preference to guarantee a stunning result.

CASA CONSULT > Do you know what sentence designers hear the most? ''I just need an idea of...'' Well, lucky for you, that's why I've studied more than 10 years and practiced designing for more than 15 years: to give you ideas. If the other services described below seem too much for what you are looking for, what do you need is a consultation. We offer you a 30-minute call to understand your needs. Then it's time for us to work our magic. From AUD$150*


NOTE: if what you need is something like a layout of furniture you already have, this is the service for you.

*T&C's apply.  

E-CASA > That's our long-distance option for the ones who want our design but are either physically distant or don't mind putting a little extra effort to make it happen for a lower price. Here is how it works:

- We send you a document teaching you to take measurements and photos of the space and a questionnaire to understand the routine, the people who use the room, and the style the client has in mind. We have an online meeting to know each other and align expectations and needs and make sure the design will attend the briefing and the client is happy. We work our magic and book a second meeting to present you with the concept. We send the purchasing plan, the mood board, and the technical drawings so you and your chosen team can make it work. We do not take part in any construction but we are here to assist by making a super detailed drawing pack.


Small rooms (entrance, study nook, etc) - AUD $1.970*

Medium rooms (bedroom, home-office, etc) - AUD $2.220*

Big rooms and wet areas (kitchen, bathroom, dining/living) - AUD $2..820*


NOTE: If elevations are enough for you to build your space and you don't need 3D images or joinery detailing, we can work a discount for you. Enquire to know more.

* T&C's apply

CASA COMPLETA > This is the "crème de la crème" of our services. We go to your home, take the measurements, analyze the surroundings, take into consideration external influences like sun and ventilation, study the routine of your home, get to know the people who live in it, etc to reach the highest potential on each particular space. To transform a house into a home that incorporates the personality and embraces everyone who belongs there is our goal. We present to you a super complete drawing pack. Our builders love to work with us because they say our drawings live no room for mistakes. The price of this service is calculated individually depending on each case.

CASA COMMERCIAL > Are you thinking about opening a business? We work on your brand from concept to final design. The price of this service is calculated individually depending on each case.

Still not sure which service is best for you?
Contact us here, we will be happy to have a chat.


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