Casa Consult was the most successful of all services in 2021. It was created with the goal of bringing affordable expert advice. It is a service tailored to your needs. You show me your space and ask me anything, and I will bring you a solution using all the expertise I've gathered during my 15 years in the interior design industry.

how it works

Good design is not more expensive than bad design. Building a wall costs the same, wheater you build it in the right place or wrong place. Although if you build it in the wrong place, you will be paying for that mistake for years to come. That's when you stop thinking price and start thinking value, and really understand the difference between them.

Many times you might think it is not necessary to hire a designer for a full project and all you want is to know what would work best for your space. If that's what you are thinking, Casa Consult is for you.

Casa Consult is your expert advice. From the comfort of your home, we do it all online. It's practical and fast, giving you all the answers inside the capability and knowledge an awarded designer can give you, solving your problem. 


Price: AUD $150/h*

*T&C apply


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