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Casa Alchemy is an ethically minded Interior Design studio that believes everyone deserves to love the home they live in by creating spaces that promote love and connection. They are an award-winning studio designing bespoke projects all around the globe. We have designed in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, UAE and USA and are excited to see where the next challenge is coming from! 

Lorena's background is in Bachelor of Architecture and Urbanism led to her falling in love with Interiors and she made her move to the industry in 2006. After working for the best interior design studios in Rio, she opened the doors of her first studio in 2011, where she gained considerable experience in exhibitions, residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail projects. Lorena's award-winning style, combining the sophistication of her time living in Europe with the warmth of the Brazilian "bossa“ expressed in her use of natural materials, creates its own unique balance with Australian culture. Passionate about sports and outdoor life, her designs are grounded on what she likes to call “barefoot design”. Lorena came to Sydney for her Masters in Design Thinking Advanced and realized her calling goes further than to simply the creation of beautiful and functional spaces - she believes every job is the chance to design for good. She strongly advocates that we should hold ourselves accountable for the impact of our choices if we want to design a better world. Her mission is to make you fall in love with the space you live in, creating spaces that will give you emotional ties to your home. 





Northern Beaches

 NSW 2099 Australia

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